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Worthwich Wizarding Weekend - A 3 day magical retreat (Texas)

  • Parrie Haynes Ranch (map)

Worthwich Wizarding Weekend is a 3-day, 3-night magical retreat to Worthwich School of Wizardry for adults (21+). Wizarding Weekend takes place annually the first weekend in November.

Live out your dream of attending a real school of wizardry! Worthwich is a unique magical institution with its own founders, history, traditions, classes, and professors. Read more about the full weekend wizard school experience below.

Worthwich Wizarding Weekend 2018 sold out in 8 days. Start saving your wizard dollars and be ready to get your tickets when they launch April 15th. Want to get a reminder when ticket sales start? Sign up for the list here >>

New and returning students arrive at school Friday, and first participate in Worthwich's signature real wood wand making class. You will learn how to use your wand in several classes throughout the weekend. After that, your wand is yours to keep.

1st-year students are sorted into one of Worthwich's four Houses - Sakurai, Wyverno, Qlantis, and Zarraqa. After the sorting ceremony students enjoy an opening night feast, prepared by professional chefs.

To close out the Friday festivities Worthwich will hosts an opening night social, where students can mix and mingle with their heads of house, fellow students, and professors while enjoying adult brews, trolley treats, wizarding music, and games.

At breakfast, Saturday & Sunday morning students and professors read the daily school newspaper while enjoying a full hot breakfast including our chef's signature baked french toast, eggs, home fries, breakfast meats, fresh fruit, or a tasty veggie scramble complete with coffee, tea, and juice.

Worthwich is a serious institute for magical learning. Students are enrolled in a full schedule of magical courses based on their year in school at Worthwich.

Students attend professionally taught magical classes depending on their year in school at Worthwich. Classes offered include:
-History of Magic
-Defensive Magic
-Ancient Runes
-Magical Creatures
-Theory of Magic
-Flying Lessons

In the evenings after dinner, students decompress around the campfire listening to professors tell tales that ought not to be told and stargaze under the deep black Texas skies while enjoying freshly brewed potions served in cauldron cups.

Students can also enjoy nightly screenings of wizarding themed movies with homemade trolley treats.

Classes conclude before dinner on Sunday. At the closing night feast, Headmaister Maiko awards the Worthwich House Cup to the house with the highest accumulated points for the semester.

Students can earn points by actively participating in classes, showing house pride, and helping others. Points may also be taken away for rule breaking, skipping classes, or engaging in mischief and pranks around the school grounds. In severe cases of misconduct, students may be given detention.

Tickets sales will be launched on April 15th. Regular tickets to Worthwich Wizarding Weekend are $400 per student. We will offer a limited number of discounted tickets.

Want to be notified when tickets go on sale? Sign up here >>

Your ticket price includes:
-3 nights' lodging
-7 all you can eat feasts, unlimited drinks and trolley treats
-Your own wand
-8 professionally taught magical classes including Worthwich's signature real wood wand making

Can't stay Sunday night? No problem, classes conclude before dinner on Sunday so there's plenty of time to drive back home Sunday evening.

Ticket(s) to Worthwich Wizarding Weekend are transferable but non-refundable. Tickets are only valid for Worthwich Wizarding Weekend 2019.

Worthwich is the central Texas school of wizardry.

Worthwich is known as the home for misfit wizards. For all those who never received their letter. For those who don't quite fit in. For any and ALL who seek a new home, a place to be your magical self freely and openly. Worthwich welcomes you.

We are a forward thinking, inclusive institution that believes all those with magic are WORTHY of a top quality education. You are never too old to learn a little magic!

Want to learn more about the story of our school, it's professors, and get sneak peeks of classes? Sign up here >>

Classes taught at Wizarding Weekend are designed to be engaging, immersive and completely AUTHENTIC. We aim to make each student truly feel as though they are enrolled at a school of wizardry, because, frankly, you are.

Whenever possible our method of teaching is practical and hands-on. For example, students taking herbology will learn the magical and medicinal uses of REAL plants from central Texas.

Worthwich is a DREAM PROJECT for our group of dedicated professors. We are each highly passionate about our chosen subject and the fandom we share. We work year round to generate original and unique content for our students and bring it all together for 3 days and nights at Worthwich Wizarding Weekend. It truly is the most magical weekend of the year!

Students stay on site at Parrie Haynes Ranch for all 3 days and nights of the retreat.

Student accommodations are co-ed. Each of the four Worthwich houses has its own lodge with the following features:
-climate controlled
-electrical outlets
-attached restrooms
-attached showers with private changing areas
-twin bunk beds

Groups of students attending wizarding weekend can request to be sorted into the same house so they can stay together.

Your ticket to wizarding weekend includes 7 fantastic feasts made from scratch by our professional chefs.

Feasts are all you can eat and include a variety of beverage options (bottled water, coffee, tea, juice, and soda).

Our chef can accommodate a range of dietary needs including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free.

*If you need a dietary accommodation please let us know as soon as you purchase your tickets so we have time to prepare our menu.

Arrive when you can on Friday Nov 1st! We understand it's hard to take time off work and so we scheduled the bulk of Wizarding Weekend activities for Saturday and Sunday.

Activities on Friday Nov 1st include: Worthwich's signature real wood wand making class, sorting ceremony, opening night feast and opening night social. Saturday and Sunday is when you'll take our full schedule of magical classes.

All classes conclude before dinner on Sunday. Students are HIGHLY encouraged to stay til dinner to see the awarding of the house cup. Lodging is INCLUDED for Sunday night for those who would like to stay, but we understand if you need to start heading home after dinner on Sunday.

All students will pack up and leave early Monday morning, no meals or classes take place on Monday.

Don't be afraid to attend wizarding weekend on your own. One of the things our students enjoy most about wizarding weekend is the new friendships they form here.

You do everything together with your house and they truly become like your family. You will attend classes with your fellow housemates, sit at your house table for meals, and get to know them better in the evenings around the campfire.

Each of the four Worthwich houses has its own Facebook community (created by the students themselves) so they can stay in touch while not at school.

These bonds last. There is a true sense of community and belonging here. House pride is strong and the choosing chalice on point.

Worthwich Wizarding Weekend is hosted at Parrie Haynes Ranch in Killeen, TX.

Worthwich is rents out the entire facility so our wizarding students and professors will be the only group on site for the whole weekend. We have also placed concealment and security charms around the property, just in case.

Parrie Haynes Ranch is located centrally in Texas
1 hour from Austin
2 hours from San Antonio
2 hours from Dallas/Fort Worth
3 hours from Houston

The location is remote with low light pollution and amazing nighttime views of the Texas skyline. Let go of your tech for a weekend (there's no cell signal, anyway) and get back to basics with us.

Roam around the school grounds by oil lamp light, write with quill and ink, and discover the magic of native Texas plants.

In case you didn't know, we are NOT Universal, Warner Bros, or J.K. Rowling. We are WORTHWICH. Worthwich is a unique magical institution located in Texas with it's own traditions, classes, history, houses, and founders. We welcome students transfering from other magical institutions but do not claim to be any other magical institution other than Worthwich.

**This is not an official Harry Potter event and is not endorsed, licensed or in any other way supported, directly or indirectly, by Warner Bros. Entertainment or J.K. Rowling and her representatives.**

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